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Net2008 is a Social Network meeting that will be held in Trento (North
of Italy), 12-14 june.

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Three invited lectures are scheduled during the meeting. They will be
held by Vladimir Batagelj, Steve Borgatti and Raffaele Corrado.

Vladimir Batagelj is Professor of Discrete and Computational Mathematics
at the University of Ljubljana and is the perfect (human) link between
mathematics and social sciences. His research covered the algorithms for
calculating the network indexes that are necessary for social analysis.
He is one of the author of Pajek, one of the most important software for
social analysis. His curriculum and publications can be found at the
following link:


Steve Borgatti is Professor of Social Network Analysis at University of
Kentucky in the Gatton College of Business and Economics. He is one of
the leading international expert of the network analysis of social
links. His contributions to the field range from methodology to
applications, also considering the implementation of specific software
for models. His curriculum and main publications can be found at the
following link: <>  



Raffaele Corrado is Professor of Management at the Faculty of Economics
of the University of Bologna. His research has applied network analysis
to firm agglomeration, industrial sector development and corporate
strategy. His curriculum and main publications can be found at:



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