Water, Gender and Equity Lecture Series

"Water in the Karakorum"

Dr. Hermann Kreutzmann
Monday, April 21, 3 pm, Pugh 120

Water is a vital issue in Central and South Asia, being both a factor in
conflict and dispute. In this lecture Dr. Kreutzmann will present a case
study from the Hunza Valley in the Karakoram, a mountain range spanning
the border between Pakistan, China and India. He suggests that
investigating water use practices can serve as a key to understanding a
society's conflict and cooperation processes. Furthermore, by
introducing an holistic approach to irrigation and water management, Dr.
Kreutzmann will illustrate the impact of hydraulic resources for
survival strategies in the Karakoram.

Dr. Kreutzmann holds the Chair of Cultural Geography and Development
Studies and is director of the Institute of Geography at the Friedrich
Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany.

Robin Globus
Master's Student
Religion and Nature Program 
Department of Religion
University of Florida
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