Are you a UF grad student interested in Water?

The UF academic cluster for graduate studies in Hydrologic Sciences is  
a unique interdisciplinary program designed to broaden the skills of  
science and engineering students who are interested in all aspects of  
water; i.e., occurrence and quantity, distribution, circulation,  
quality, and management/policy. The academic cluster in Hydrologic  
Sciences emphasizes broad and rigorous training in a wide range of  
areas of expertise. The program requirements were developed in  
recognition of the diversity in academic backgrounds and the  
professional goals of the students. Thus, flexibility in selection of  
courses is an essential feature of the program, allowing students to  
develop individualized academic plans of study in order to meet the  
overall goals and objectives of the Hydrologic Sciences cluster and  
those of their own degree programs.

Typically, the student integrates the selected courses into the plan  
of study for their degree program so no extra course work is required  
for the degree.  After completions of the requirements, the Hydrologic  
Sciences Academic Cluster is designated on the student's transcripts  
and the diploma.

More information?

Please see attached flyer for details and also visit 
  or the UF Water Institute offices at Weil Hall Room 570 (e-mail: [log in to unmask] 
; phone: 352.392.5893)