Hi All,

My Swallow-tailed Kites, Great-crested Flycatchers & Chucks finally came 
home the other day. All were a couple of weeks later than in the past.

The Florida Ornithological Society spring meeting is in Crystal River, 
(the town not the river) this week end. If anyone is heading over there 
from or going through the greater Orlando area on Friday morning & would 
like to share a ride, please give me a call.

If you did not know about the meeting and or don't know about the 
society, & would like to go or learn about it please give me a call. I 
was one of the founding members 35 years ago & know  more than a little 
about it. Please check out our web site:

If you're interested in birds & you live in Florida you should belong to 
FOS! The fall meeting in Lake Placid, (the town not the lake) was lots 
of fun. We all learned a great deal at the scientific paper session, & 
had a good time birding & getting together with old & new friends. This 
week end promises to be just as much fun.

Wes Biggs
407/384-9766 H
407/376-6967 C

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