This is the “second call” for learning assistance
professionals to participate the NCLCA Resource
Directory Survey.

The Resource Directory, which is published every other
year by NCLCA, provides a wealth of information and
contacts about our members, including statistical
information and profiles of individuals and learning
centers drawn from a survey that is distributed to the
membership and others in the learning assistance

The Resource Directory is one of the benefits of
membership, and as such, it is distributed free of
charge to all current NCLCA members and to new
members.  Non-members can purchase a summary of the
directory for a small fee.

This year we are going to compile the information onto
CD-Roms as well as downloadable PDF files.

Please take a few moments to take the Resource
Directory survey.  Contribute to our understanding of
the reality of working in the field of learning

Click the link below to take the survey.

Thank you!

Jennifer Haley
NCLCA Web Administrator

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