Dear Fellow Learning Center Professionals and Colleagues: 

This is a reminder that your NCLCA Conference Proposals are due in TWO WEEKS on Monday, April 28 . 

The 2008 NCLCA Conference will be held this year on October 2 - October 3 in Memphis -- the home of Rhythm and Blues . 

Note: We are also offering a variety of pre- and post- conference institutes on Wednesday, October 1 and Saturday, October 4. 

Submitting your proposal is easy. All you need to do is submit a title , abstract , and summary of your proposal using our on-line proposal form at: 

For more information about the conference, visit our conference website at: 

This year’s conference theme, The Rhythm and Blues of Research and Practice , reflects our goal of providing learning center professionals an opportunity to share their “rhythm and blues” regarding the research, publication, programs, and services they offer in their learning centers. 

The concept of “rhythm and blues” provides you an opportunity to share what has worked (“rhythm”) in your center and in your professional development as well as what has not worked (“blues”) and what changes you are planning to make to achieve rhythm in your center and in your professional career. 

I have attached the CFP for you to print and review at your leisure. 

Here are the themes for this year's proposals: 

1. The Rhythm and Blues of Research Design and/or Publication 

2. The Rhythm and Blues of Learning Center Management 

(e.g., evaluation/assessment, employee training/development, marketing) 

3. The Rhythm and Blues of Tutor Training and Evaluation 

4. The Rhythm and Blues of Supplemental Instruction Programs 

5. The Rhythm and Blues of Programming for Special Student Populations 

(e.g., conditional admits, athletes, first year students, students with disabilities) 

6. The Rhythm and Blues of Learning Center Programming (e.g., tutoring, workshops) 

7. The Rhythm and Blues of Technology in Learning Centers 

So put on your Blue Suede Shoes and Walk The Line to get your proposals in by Monday, April 28 . This will prevent me from having to send out the Hound Dog to search for your proposals...and more prevent me from sending out more "puny" e-mails. 

If you have questions about developing and/or submitting a proposal, please contact me. 

Travis Ramage (NCLCA Professional Development Officer) 
Academic Advisor / STAR Program Coordinator 
Aurora University 
347 Gladstone Avenue 
Aurora, IL 60506 
PH: 630-844-5141 
FX: 630-844-7813 
AIM: trav7374 
E-mail: [log in to unmask] 

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