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Scaling Theory For Information Networks , Interface

Excerpt: Networks distribute energy, materials and information to the
components of a variety of natural and human-engineered systems, including
organisms, brains, the Internet and microprocessors. Distribution networks
enable the integrated and coordinated functioning of these systems, and
they also constrain their design. The similar hierarchical branching
networks observed in organisms (...). Metabolic scaling theory (MST) shows
that the rate at which networks deliver energy to an organism is
proportional to its mass raised to the 3/4 power. We show that
computational systems are also characterized by nonlinear network scaling
and use MST principles to characterize how information networks scale.

Scaling Theory For Information Networks, M. E. Moses , S. Forrest , A. L.
Davis , M. A. Lodder , J. H. Brown, 2008/05/09, DOI:
10.1098/rsif.2008.0091, Interface


 Concept and Definition of Complexity , arXiv

Abstract: The term complexity is used informally both as a quality and as
a quantity. As a quality, complexity has something to do with our ability
to understand a system or object -- we understand simple systems, but not
complex ones. On another level, complexity is used as a quantity, when we
talk about something being more complicated than another.
 In this chapter, we explore the formalisation of both meanings of
complexity, which happened during the latter half of the twentieth

* [43] Concept and Definition of Complexity, Russell K. Standish,
2008/05/06, DOI: 0805.0685, arXiv

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