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I did my doctoral research on this topic, relating social capital with
corporate value in terms of total shareholder returns etc..In the literature
this has come to be known as 'Corporate Social Capital' (CSC), to
distinguish its focus on social capital in corporate situations from the
more traditional civic applications. In my research I formulate a model for
CSC which incorporates concepts like corporate reputation and intellectual /
intangible assets and then relate this to corporate success measures like
ROI, Market to Book ratios and Total Shareholder returns. My empirical
research work uses the global information technology sector as its base. I
did find a statistically significant link between CSC and firm
performance..which I guess one would expect. The more interesting findings
relate to how the sub-elements of my CSC formulation contribute to this
association. Financial soundness and human capital were found to be most
consistently supportive. Centrality was supportive for smaller firms but a
liability for some of the larger more established firms (hence confirming
the theories related to social capital liabilities). Interestingly
investments in R&D and Internal Capital were found to also be liabilities in
terms of shareholder return for those firms that were not considered
financially sound.


I will be presenting these results in a paper called "Corporate Social
Capital and Firm Performance" at this year's Academy of Management meeting
in Annaheim in August


There are papers on and around the topic on my company web site 



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