Dear Water Institute Faculty, Students and Friends:

The Water Institute- Smallwood Foundation Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series consists of high profile scholars who are invited to visit the UF campus on a monthly basis during the academic year. Visits are composed of a general Water Institute seminar during which speakers are asked to highlight important advances in their field over the past decade and lay out opportunities for advancements they see for the next decade; a meeting with the Water Institute Faculty Advisory Committee to discuss potential strategic initiatives and partnerships; and meetings with interested Water Institute affiliated faculty and students to discuss research/education issues and programs. We target the seminar series for the first Thursday of each month of the academic year, but we can be flexible regarding the specific dates and times.  Travel expenses and a $500 honorarium are offered to each speaker.  A list of scholars who participated in the 2007-2008 Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series can be found at

We would like to invite your nominations for speakers for the 2008-09 Distinguished Scholar Seminar series.  In particular we are looking to host international leaders with expertise in the areas we are considering for our 2008 Program Initiation Fund (see attached for description):

*        The Nexus between Sustainable Energy and Water Supplies

*        Impacts of Climate on Interstate Water Management and Allocation

*        Ecological, Socioeconomic, and Legal Impacts of Inter- and Intra-basin Water Transfers

*        Influence of Climate, Land Use and Hydrologic Change on Coastal Ecosystems

*        Influence of Climate, Land Use and Hydrologic Change on Spring Ecosystems

*        Water, Emerging Contaminants, and Health

*        Impact of Behavioral, Social and Institutional factors on Water Use

Please send me your nominations (including Nominees' name,  professional affiliation, and CV or descriptive website) by next Friday May 16th, 2008.  Note that nominators are expected to participate in the planning and hosting of the seminar speaker's visit, but all expenses are covered by the Water Institute.

If you have any questions about this program feel free to call me.  Thanks in advance for your participation.


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