Fellow listers,

We are in the middle of completing a self-study using the CAS 
self-evaluation guides and I would appreciate some input.  There are 2 
sections that we are having difficulty with deciding how to interpret 
the language.  I thought I would ask and see if anyone else has used the 
CAS guides and how these sections were interpreted or how some of you 
might read them.  The questions concerned come from the Outcomes 
Assessment and Program Evaluation Services packet under Part 1. 
Mission.  These are the 2 sections in question.

1.5 The service can describe students by demographics, developmental and 
_personal_ behavior.
1.7 The service assesses long-term _behavior_ changes in students.

In the first instance, what do they mean by "personal" and how would you 
evaluate personal behavior?
In the second, what types of "behavior" changes and again what criteria 
would you use to measure such changes?

This list has always proven to be a valuable resource, and I would 
greatly appreciate any and all comments and suggestions.  You can email 
me off-list at [log in to unmask] 

Please forgive my ignorance and thank you for you insights.

Ann Marshall
Coordinator, Success Connection
Weatherford College
Weatherford, TX

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