We use Accuplacer as well.  The student can retest if they want to pay  the 
$40 fee, otherwise completion of the class with a C or better allows them to  
move to the next developmental class or take "A" level classes (freshman  
English, etc).  I use a great software program that is 100% aligned to the  
Acculplacer that really helps my developmental students.  If anyone is  interested, 
please email me.  It has a diagnostic test and well as lessons  for each 
specific area.  Most of my students improve greatly by the end of  the semester and 
some test out of developmental classes.
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Hi  all,
We use Accuplacer to determine placement into courses,  developmental or 
otherwise.  In developmental courses, faculty also  test/retest using Accuplacer 
to see how students' scores change.  Some  students who have performed poorly 
in class have taken the retest and scored  high enough to be placed into the 
next level course.  Do any of you have  a policy on whether you allow 
developmental students to do this?
Deborah Pratt
Ancilla College
Donaldson, IN 46513

Nicole Perkins
Blinn Faculty- Parallel Studies  Instructor
Texas A&M Class of '01
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