The Summer 2008 online workshops for student affairs administrators are now set ( Please share this information with your staff.  Questions?  Please contact Stuart Brown at [log in to unmask] 

Face the Facts: Online Communities Are the Way College Students Communicate
 June 9 - 23,  2008 
 Price: $120

Demystifying Academic Affairs
 June 16 - July 18,  2008 
 Price: $140

A Student Affairs Professional's Guide to Data Reporting Using SPSS for Windows
 June 23 - July 11,  2008 
 Price: $150

Entering a Career In Student Affairs
 July 7 - 25,  2008 
 Price: $120

Basic Supervision: Beginning the Dance
 July 7 - 25,  2008 
 Price: $130

Academic Integrity On Our Campus...What To Do?
 July 7 - 18,  2008 
 Price: $100

Facilitating Student Diversity Education Experiences: A Guide for New Professionals
 July 7 - 28,  2008
 Price: $120

Student Affairs Law: A Primer on Freedoms
July 14 - August 1,  2008 
 Price: $130</a>

Advising Student Organizations: An Introduction
July 21 - August 8,  2008 
 Price: $120</a>

Exploring College Student Development Theories
June 16 - July 9,  2008 
 Price: $130

College Students with Asperger's Syndrome
 July 1 - 29,  2008 
Price: $130</a>



The Spring 2008 edition of our e-journal, (") Student Affairs Online, is now available.

We have dedicated the Spring 2008 edition to the presentations from our 7th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs.

Thirty-two teams submitted final presentations for this year's competition. Teams were asked to develop a Powerpoint presentation on how "technology has radically changed how the college delivers its programs and services to students."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Networking Site has launched its own social networking site— ( Since its launch on February 2nd over 1550 student affairs professionals have registered for the site...and the number keeps growing! is a social networking site for student affairs administrators that connects friends and colleagues with each other. Members must register for this community of professionals. Why do we ask each person to register? We want to ensure, as much as possible, that people interested in joining this community are involved with higher education. One of the problems with Facebook and MySpace is they are open to anyone.  This site has been developed as a place for professionals to share, network, and communicate.

To join, simply go to

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blogs has asked a number of individuals to write about their job hunting experience this spring 2008 semester as well as their first professional position in student affairs.  Browsers can also leave comments about their own job search experiences.

1.  The 2008 Student Affairs Job Hunt (")
Two new graduate students share their trials and tribulations as they search for that first professional position.

2.  The 2007 New Professional--'07-'08 (
The graduate students from the Spring 2007 "Student Affairs Job Hunt" have their first full-time position in student affairs. Follow their exploits during their initial year in the field.

3.  Learning to Fly -- Season 3 (
Our graduate student from the Spring 2006 blog, "The Student Affairs Job Hunt," shared her experiences as a new professional last year in "The Student Affairs New Professional--'06-'07." This year she continues chronicling her career as a second year professional in Learning to Fly -- Season 3.


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