There was a recent discussion on the Listserv relating to the
hierarchical organization of learning assistance centers. At least the
responses I read, were mostly made in the context of reporting to either
student services or academic affairs. 


I would really like to hear from anyone who is directing a learning
center in the context of a "split" reporting system.  Our learning
center includes a program for writing assistance, subject area tutoring,
and the provision of services to students with disabilities - three
directors.  We are located in the same physical location and share
administrative support, equipment, serving many of the same students,
etc.  This is our fourth year of operating as a centralized academic
support center and  I have responsibility for overseeing all three
areas.  Both the Writing Center director and I report to the Vice
President for Academic Affairs and the DSS director reports to the Dean
of Student Services. In addition to our administrative duties, all three
of us teach various English or University First Year Seminar courses.
We make it work due to our level of esprit d' corps - but the challenges
occur around budget, different departmental goals, diverging
expectations from the administration, etc.   We are a very small campus
so the programmatic interactions and associations between student
services and academics is not an issue.  


It would be especially helpful to hear from anyone who has successfully
transitioned from a split model and the rationale used to convince your
administration for supporting a more cohesive structure.  


Please contact me directly at [log in to unmask]


Thank you!


Deborah DeBow, M.A.

Learning Center Director

Saint Martin's University

Lacey, WA  98503

(360) 438-4570

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