Although the SI Program at Indiana University East is about to be win the "Outstanding SI Program" award at the Fifth International Conference on Supplemental Instruction in Orlando, we need funding desperately if we are to continue the SI program with the number of sections we have offered in the past.  Our Perkins Grant is running out and cannot be renewed because I U East is discontinuing its two-year associate degree program and is making a transition from a university that recruited non-traditional students to a traditional university that is offering increasing numbers of bachelor's and master's degrees.

I need the following information:  How are other schools funding their SI programs?
What opportunities for outside funding are available?

I will be glad to contact agencies about how we would apply, their requirements, etc.  Basically I'm doing some major digging to save our program.  Please help!

Jerri Libert
Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
Indiana University East
Richmond, Indiana 47374
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