See /What Works/, for Boylan's (2002) discussion on the desirability of 
centralizing developmental education. Research seems relatively 
consistent that the majority of colleges, however, decentralize it. See  

Gerlaugh, K., Thompson, L., Boylan, H., & Davis, H. (2007). National 
study of developmental education II: Baseline data for community 
colleges. <> 
/Research in Developmental Education, 20/(4), 1-4.  

for a recent study that found 44% of community colleges centralized 
developmental education and 56% decentralized it. 

The University System of Georgia has a policy that would seem to call 
for centralization of developmental education into separate departments 
according to section 2.09.01 of its Academic Affairs Handbook:

"Each institution that admits [underprepared] students...shall have a 
separate department or division for meeting the academic needs of" 
developmental students, and "each such department or division shall have 
its own budget and staff and shall report directly to the chief academic 
officer or to his/her designee."  (see )

Nevertheless, not all institutions in the USG centralize developmental 
education (which is called /learning support/ in Georgia).

Alan Craig   

Recording Secretary, NCLCA           
Coordinator,  Dunwoody Learning & Tutoring Center   
Georgia Perimeter College

Boylan, H. (2002). /What works: Research based best practices in 
developmental education./ Boone, NC: Continuous Quality Improvement 
Network/National Center for Developmental Education.

> There seems to be a push at my institution for the developmental 
> courses to come under the departments instead of being its own 
> department. I would like to know the statistics related to how many 
> institutions have developmental departments and how many have the 
> developmental courses under the departments they relate to. Does 
> anyone know where I can find that information? Any comments about 
> which way is better?
> Any information would be helpful. We are a small 2 year community 
> college.
> Thanks so much! This list has been and still is a great resource.
> Melissa Chandler
> Melissa Chandler
> Developmental Specialist
> Allen Community College
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