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	These notes have been available for a couple of years at:

	Maybe not such a good file name and they are just copies of the
original mimeographed pages, so it is great to see them in readable
form. I have to say that you might want to try the 2nd edition of
Identity and Control, which I, at least, think is clearer than the
notes. It came out May 25th.

> The new Sociologica issue (not Acta Sociologica) with the original
> Harrison White "Notes on the Constituents of Social Structure" (much
> clearer than Identity & Control), plus framing notes by Harrison, Mike
> Schwartz and editor Marco Santoro.
> Among other things, Marco emphasizes the links between White and Tilly,
> altho he sets them too late (1978's Mobe>Rev), when An Urban World (and my
> personal knowledge) knows they stem from the mid-60s onwards.
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