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Hi, all...


I've been a watchful lurker here for awhile, and I'm delighted with the
exchange that has been going on here.  You all amaze me with your knowledge
and analyses of this phenomenon known in all its permutations: "networking,
social networking, wasting time, quantity-not-quality" , etc.....


I'm a professional networker and entrepreneur; eg, I'm a longtime executive
search pro/"headhunter", and my own skills have been honed over the course
of almost 3 full decades.  I started utilizing my skills- in fact - before
people called "it" networking.  (My own great-grandmother was asked to speak
at the Chicago World's Fair - the Women's Pavillion - in 1890.  Her topic?


It's worked very well for me.  I'm so far "gone" that I get kudos for being
a "connector" - whatever that means.


I'm (hopefully) about to spend a good part of the summer in Hydrabad, India
- instructing, coaching, mentoring a bunch of "raw", Indian IT recruiters
with the in's and out's of my fine profession.


In fact, what I'll be teaching them will be the fine skills of relationship
building....all of which results in their being good "community builders"
and/or "network builders".


I'd appreciate any and all suggestions for simple (non-academic) books to
take along with me. 


The four concepts I teach are (simplistically):

1.        social capital theory and relevance

2.       network analysis and management

3.       value proposition for "brand you"

4.       steps to take for relationship building


The question: are there any suggestions for books that you would make on any
or all of these essential topics?


Thanks much for your help and ideas on this..and please keep up your
conversation!  Your studies are fascinating to me.



Erika Hanson Brown, ConnectoringR Facilitator and Your Host


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Denver, CO USA


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"Leadership requires getting people to follow you - and that demands an
awareness of and focus on those you're leading, a commitment to building
their trust, and delivering a vision that inspires.."


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