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Hello everyone,

First, let me send out a warm thank you to the 200 or so people who  
came to the Networks in Political Science (NIPS) conference at Harvard  
University and who helped make it possible.  I was truly amazed at the  
range of political topics that are already being addressed using  
network theory, and I feel like I learned *a lot*.

In the business meeting at the end of the conference there was a  
consensus that we should keep up the momentum by starting an  
organization with two goals:

1) To promote the use of network methods by people who study political  
2) To promote the study of political phenomena by people who use  
network methods

Our group will be called "Political Networks" and David Lazer and I  
were drafted to be co-chairs for this year.  Our immediate task is to  
compile feedback on this year's conference, so we can have another  
conference next year.  We will once again be applying for support from  
NSF, and we will also be organizing an APSA section.

To facilitate communication and an exchange of ideas, we have set up  
POLNET-L, a moderated listserve focusing on issues related to networks  
and the study of politics.  Please feel free to post questions or  
ideas about network methodology, updates about new research and  
publications, links to articles and webpages, news about sources of  
network data, or any other information that might be relevant to a  
group of scholars who is interested in applying network methodology to  
the study of politics.

To subscribe to the listserv, send an email to [log in to unmask] with  
the following text in the body of the message:

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If you have questions, email the POLNET-L Moderator, Scott McClurg at [log in to unmask] 
  (thanks to Scott for volunteering to be the POLNET-L moderator!).


James H. Fowler

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