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>>>Emerald InTouch<<

_Emerald InTouch_  is a web space and hosting service designed to
support learning and collaboration. By bringing together technologies
such as blogs, wikis and RSS into one place, _Emerald InTouch_ enables
users to create and join communities of practice, engage in reflective
learning and collaborate with peers online.

_InTouch Features_

Syndication (RSS)
External Services

For A Chockful-Of-Links that include several tutorials/demos, user
manual, project directory, related work, please visit

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BTW: Emerald InTouch is Powered by Elgg

BTW-2: IMHO This Will Become The Model for Future Educational/Scholarly
Online Social Networks

>>> iBreadCrumbs: A Social Network for Researchers<<<

iBreadCrumbs: A Social Network for Researchers to Share Recorded URLs,
Track Websites, Review Notes Online, and Encourage Online Collaborative
Research. is a recording toolbar for your web browser. Similar
to what a DVR does for tv, records all the web pages
you visit while you research. Save, review, and share your research with
friends or colleagues. iBreadCrumbs allows students, researchers, and
professors to organize the world's data into narrow research
"breadcrumbs" or click-streams.
For Lots-O-Links to Demos, Content, and Related, Please Visit



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Iowa State University Library
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There is Nothing More Powerful Than An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Victor Hugo
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