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This is to let you know that FIELD METHODS has 
been accepted into the Social Science Citation Index database.

Now in its 20th year, FM is a quarterly, 
international journal, published by Sage 
Publications and supported by an international 
board of editors from across the social sciences.

For more information about FM: 

FIELD METHODS solicits articles about new methods 
in social sciences and on new uses for existing methods.

FIELD METHODS also publishes special issues. 
Please contact me if you have an idea for an 
article or a special issue that you'd like to discuss.

H. Russell Bernard <[log in to unmask]>

FM publishes articles on methods for collecting, 
analyzing and presenting data about human thought 
and human behavior under field conditions. By 
“field conditions,” we mean all conditions except the lab.

FM publishes articles on topics ranging from 
getting past gatekeepers in ethnographic 
fieldwork to the construction of web-based 
surveys; from response effects in surveys to 
sampling under field conditions; from techniques 
for direct observation of behavior to techniques 
for coding and analyzing text. FM also publishes 
occasional essays on epistemological issues.

FM’s motto is “methods belong to all of us.” 
Regardless of our epistemological or theoretical 
assumptions, no method belongs to a field. 
Ethnographers today regularly do surveys; survey 
researcher today regularly do ethnographic or 
cognitive interviewing to develop questions; and 
scholars in every social science discipline 
regularly analyze text and other qualitative data 
(still and moving images, for example).

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