We have much the same thing as the NC, except for us it is an IP (In
Progress) grade.  We do not have D's for any developmental classes.  The IP
grade generally signifies that the student did all the work, attended class,
made an effort, but did not perform well enough to earn a C.  Students who
do not complete the class, quit attending, did not do all the work, earn a
failing grade (E).  The IP grade does not impact GPA, so does not affect
academic standing or cause financial aid problems (although some may have
trouble over a 75 percent rule that they must pass 75 percent of classwork
to stay in good graces with financial aid).

Although called "in progress", the grade generally signifies that the
student must start over again the next semester with the same developmental
course.  However, since many students were having trouble completing all
work in the developmental math course (MATH 091 "Beginning Algebra"), some
sections are self-paced, and if the student completes a certain amount of
work at a certain competency, he/she may begin the next semester at that
point in the textbook lessons.

Alvin Madden-Grider
Learning Strategies Coordinator
Morehead State University
Morehead, KY 40351

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