Our college is developing a new student orientation.  We have had classes that give some information on resources, but are looking at a broader approach and need some feedback.
If you are a community college would you please respond to these questions:

1.       Do you have a new student orientation?  If not, no need to answer the following questions.

2.       Is participation required by all new students?

3.       Is it a class which the student receives credit or just a workshop?

4.       Is it offered on-line, face to face, or a combination?

5.       Do you offer it before the term begins, first weeks of class, or through-out the year?
Thank you in advance for your responses.

Kat Powell M.S., G.C.D.F.
Learning Assistance Coordinator
College of Southern Idaho
P.O. Box 1238
Twin Falls, ID 83303-1238
Fax (208)736-3029
**Remember no matter where you go, there you are.**

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