I don't recall anyone mentioning the "News For You". It is a weekly 
publication that is $0.35 per copy per week. The minimum is 10 copies 
for 10 weeks. It is more on the style of a newspaper. It comes with 
activities to do each week with the articles like Newsweek did. The 
Adult Ed. Department at my college just brought this publication to 
my attention. They have been using it for a little while and really like it.
If interested, the address is
News For You
Subscription Department
New Readers Press
P.O. Box 35888
Syracuse, NY 13235-9902
Website is
phone number is 800-448-8878

I will be looking into it for the Fall, and thought some of you might 
be interested as well.

Melissa Chandler
Developmental Specialist
Allen Community College
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