Hi All,


I will be interviewing doctoral students in Educational Psychology at my
institution for a new part-time position as an Accommodated Testing
Coordinator/Proctor.  I have started a list of interview questions (below).
Now, I am stuck.  Would you all be so kind as to help me by adding or
modifying something?


Thank you,


John Cleveland


1.	Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


2.	Can you tell us about your experience, if any, working with college


3.	Can you tell us about your experience, if any, working with students
who self-identify as being Leaning Disabled?


4.	Tell us about a time that you worked with a particularly difficult
client.  Briefly and generally, describe the issue, and tell us how you
handled the situation.


5.	Several of our processes for Accommodated Testing, for example
scheduling, are in flux.  Can you tell us about your organizational skills
as well as skills that allow you to think logistically and independently?   


6.	We have several other candidates to consider, what sets you apart
from many others?



John P. Cleveland, M.T.S., M.A.

Director, Tutoring Center

Center for Academic Excellence

& Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Pace University 

41 Park Row, Room 204

New York, NY  10038 


212-346-1520 (fax)

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