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Hello.  I'd like to know whether the professionals in your  learning centers
are in the process of gaining, or have already gained,  certification through
the National College Learning Center  Association.  If so, what advantages
have you seen as a result of  being certified?  Does your institution
recognize the certification  and offer benefits as a result (e.g. merit
raise, award, etc.)?  Thank  you for your time and feedback.

In the writing center, we are all certified.  I teach  developmental reading, 
but I also work in the writing center and I am almost on  level 3 
certification.  To be certified, there is a lot of work the  consultants have to 
complete:  journals, responding to journals, so many  hours of tutoring, three group 
trainings (articles are assigned for discussion,  etc), tape recording 
sessions, shadowing other tutors, and much, much  more.  It's A LOT of work, but I 
enjoy the training and discussion and the  project we complete just make me a 
better tutor and teacher as well.  We  also get paid more with each level of 
Remember that we do not have peer tutoring, but students can receive peer  
tutoring in our learning center.  I am not sure what they require.
Nicole Perkins
Blinn Faculty- Parallel Studies  Instructor
Texas A&M Class of '01
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