I have been pondering how to objectively evaluate my tutors for some time. 
All of the evaluation tools I have seen are very subjective in nature. I 
have developed a list of observable characteristics for potentially 
developing a new evaluation tool. Clearly, I need to collect data on this 
before implmentation, but I would appreciate your comments before 
beginning the collection process.

-  # of instances of tutor tardiness/ absences
-  # of clients requesting the tutor by name
-  # of clients requesting a different tutor
-  # of walk-ins attending sessions 
-  percent of clients who withdraw from the course
-  percent of clients who miss appointments each week
-  difference between course grade of tutor's clients and average grade 
for clients enrolled in the course

As you can see, the characeristics I have selected focuses on client 
attendance, but that is the way most of our students express their 
evaluation of our program; if they feel they are receiving something of 
value, they come and bring their friends. Otherwise, they find look 

Martin Golson
Austin Peay State University

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