Hello BESTers,

This article talks about Toyota bringing Prius production into 
United States, by doing that they will   suspend production of 
their large SUVs such as Sequoia and Tundra and use existing SUV 
manufacturing plants for Prius production. Enjoy!

Toyota says it is bringing its first Prius manufacturing plant to 
the U.S., and after doing a car shuffle, SUVs will have to sit out 
the dance. The Priuses will be built at a plant under construction 
in Blue Springs, Miss, with manufacturing to start in late 2010. 
To make room for new Prius production, Toyota is moving 
manufacturing of its Highlander SUV from its Mississippi plant to 
Indiana, and bumping Tundra truck production out to Texas. Toyota 
says by bringing the Prius stateside, it is ???responding to 
changes in consumer demand.???

Prius sales crossed the 1 million mark earlier this year, and as 
overall hybrid sales have risen over the past year, the Prius 
still dominates the space.

Adding insult to injury for the beleaguered gas guzzlers, Toyota 
also says it will suspend North American production of the Tundra 
and Sequoia for three months ???due to the declining overall 
market for full-size trucks and SUVs.??? But unlike domestic 
automakers, which are hemorrhaging jobs amid slumping sales and 
record gas prices, Toyota says its employees will continue to 

Toyota is proving again that it is far nimbler than many of 
Detroit???s ailing behemoths, which are all still trying to make a 
dent in the hybrid space. While Toyota works to open a new hybrid 
plant and add solar panels to the Prius, domestic car makers are 
pondering more layoffs and brand cuts.
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