Besters and Friends:

An observation

1. The notice below announces a very interesting new stock index that should
be very useful to local energy entrepreneurs; this index tracks many
companies that are very familiar to those of us who have been active in
promoting renewable and clean energy technology research, development,
demonstration and deployment. Reviewing the index I was struck by the fact
that Verenium is the only company listed with Florida ties; unfortunately
that company recently moved its’ Gainesville operations to California. This
is tragic given the fact that UF created their core technology.

2. Also Florida Power & Light is the worlds’ largest developer of renewable
energy and they just announced plans to build the worlds’ largest solar
installations in South Florida - with companies based in California and

3. Gov. Crist is off this week in Europe promoting his energy initiatives in
the UK, France, Spain etc.

4. GRU is now investing in efficiency and renewable energy; they sponsored
an outstanding workshop last week to promote solar and energy efficient
building; many contractors and vendors and advocates from around the State
participated, but only one local banker showed up.

5. The Energy Advisory Commission created by the Alachua County Commission
is now preparing a ground-breaking report with recommendations for action
that will reduce energy costs to consumers and create business opportunities
across the board for innovative goods and services.

6. Many local activists and professionals, all scientists and engineers, and
several of our elected officials have given their hearts and souls, not to
mention leadership, communication skills, personal energy, money, knowledge
and ideas, to promote energy policy and energy innovation in Tallahassee and
Washington, but the financial rewards are NOT coming back to this community.
Something is missing. We are getting a very poor return on our investment of
leadership, knowledge, ideas and energy.

Why? What is missing? What is needed to exploit the opportunities being
created by these concurrent developments?

One of the barriers to widespread commercial deployment of cleaner, safer,
more efficient and renewable energy technologies in Florida and in this
community has been MONEY. The absence of the sufficient sources of capital
(aka MONEY) needed to grow an idea from concept to reality.

Our utilities are starting to step up, but active participation by the
investment, economic development and financial sector professionals is
needed to help entrepreneurs and businesses in this community grow beyond
ideas and learn how to grow their businesses. We are in danger of not
exploiting a huge opportunity. To date the focus of financial professionals
and the expertise and resources they control has been on economic sectors
that offer promise of much higher short-term profit; intellectual property
in health care, for example. This has been good for our community; but we
need to leverage this experience into energy.

It is time to bring our local financial expertise to focus on energy
innovation; it is time to change the perception that energy innovation is a
problem or a cost; it is time for financial community to step up and help us
create investment opportunities.

In spite of strong local activism and academic involvement, North Florida is
in the bush leagues when it comes to developing innovative energy businesses
and creating and implementing credible business plans to exploit emerging
business opportunities.

Part of this problem can be explained by weak or uncertain federal and state
policy and lack of significant financial incentives. Beyond support for
modest university R&D programs energy innovation is seen as something that
needs to be done “someday” and that is essential in the long-term but not
very practical nor profitable in the short-term - at least in this
community. In reality most of the energy entrepreneurs in Florida that I
know have been starving to death waiting for that investor or deal to happen
………. and even though the price of oil is now at record highs and
everybody agrees that energy innovation is a huge opportunity the business
ventures never seem to happen.

We need our financial problem solvers to show this community how to bring
financial solutions for energy businesses into the mainstream economy of our

We need our local experts in venture capital and project financing to step
up help this community learn how to grow local energy innovation businesses
and finance energy innovations in all sectors of our economy. We also need
our international experts to help local entrepreneurs exploit opportunities
that exist in other parts of the world. The talent and knowledge exists in
this community; we need to put that talent to work growing out own energy
innovation businesses.

A critical missing link in our local energy advocacy discussions has been
input and participation from professionals active in the business
development and financial sectors. There are many, many ways to make money
in the energy sector, yet scientists and engineers with innovative ideas
often have limited ability to put those ideas to work in the commercial
sector. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who have good ideas that
do not offer investors the advantage of intellectual property but
nevertheless could be the basis for a very profitable service, construction
or product sales business.

The Energy Advisory Commission created by the Alachua County Commission is
now preparing a ground-breaking report with recommendations for action. It
is time for our local economic development and financial experts to engage
and participate in the process.

Contact Chair Penny Wheat; she has a platform.

I suggest that we ask our local economic development stakeholders to
organize a workshop for successful investors and business leaders to help
create the business and financial infrastructure needed by local small
businesses, professors, students, service professionals, bankers and
contractors to bring their clean and renewable and energy efficiency ideas
to local and global markets.

There is no question that the markets that are developing are huge and are
growing rapidly. Governor Crist, the Public Service Commission, the Climate
Action Team and the Legislature are now developing and implementing policy,
financial incentives and rules that will make energy innovation a growth
industry in Florida.

Carpe diem

David E. Bruderly, PE

Bruderly Engineering Associates, Inc.

920 SW 57th Drive

Gainesville, Florida 32607-3838

352-377-0932 <>


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Quarterly update on CELS and QWND through June 30, 2008

Welcome to the introductory edition of Clean Edge's quarterly stock index
update. This newsletter is dedicated to tracking the performance of the
NASDAQ(r) Clean Edge(r) U.S. Liquid Series Index and the NASDAQ OMX(r) Clean
Edge(r) Global Wind Energy Index. Clean Edge began producing stock indexes
in early 2006 and our goal is to provide leading benchmark indexes tracking
the clean-energy and clean-tech sectors. All figures listed in this
newsletter are for the period ending June 30, 2008. Index data is provided
by FactSet Research Systems and NASDAQ OMX.

NASDAQ(r) Clean Edge(r) U.S. Liquid Series Index (CELS)

CELS is designed to track the performance of U.S.-listed companies that are
primarily manufacturers, developers, distributors, or installers of
clean-energy technologies. During Q2 2008 the index was up 7.73 percent.
Below is information on recent performance along with the top 10 holdings,
gainers, and losers for the quarter.



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NASDAQ OMX(r) Clean Edge(r) Global Wind Energy Index (QWND)

On June 26, 2008, NASDAQ OMX and Clean Edge launched
<>  the NASDAQ OMX(r) Clean
Edge(r) Global Wind Energy Index (QWND). QWND is a modified
market-capitalization index and includes companies that are primarily
manufacturers, developers, distributors, installers, and users of energy
derived from wind sources. Since this is a new index, we will begin showing
performance in our next newsletter. However, we’ve included information on
the top holdings in the index as of June 30, 2008.

news related to indexes

 <> <#comment>BLM CSP Gold Rush in

7/11  <> FPL Selects
SunPower to Build 35 MW Solar PV Project
SunPower Corporation, a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar
panels, and solar systems, recently announced that it has been selected by
Florida Power & Light Company to build the largest solar photovoltaic power
plant in the United States, and a second power plant at the Kennedy Space
Clean Edge News

7/02  <> Ormat Signs
Contract for New Geothermal Plant in New Zealand
Ormat Technologies, Inc. recently announced that two of its subsidiaries
entered into a supply contract and a construction contract with Contact
Energy LTD of New Zealand for Centennial Binary Plant, a new geothermal
power plant that is to be constructed in the Tauhara Geothermal Field in New
Clean Edge News

6/30  <> EDP Inaugurates its
Largest US Wind Farm
EDP Renovaveis subsidiary Horizon Wind Energy has inaugurated its 400MW Lone
Star wind farm, which is capable of providing electricity for up to 120,000
households, in Texas, US.
Clean Edge News

6/26  <> Svevind and Enercon
Team up for 4GW Wind Plan
Swedish wind farm developer Svevind and German turbine maker Enercon plan to
build an interconnected wind project over 450 square kilometres in northern
Sweden, with a capacity of up to 4GW.
Clean Edge News

6/19  <> GE Study Shows Tax
Revenues From Wind Farms More Than Offset Tax Incentive
GE Energy Financial Services, a unit of GE, recently released a study
estimating that a federal tax incentive set to expire Dec. 31 for wind
energy projects more than pays for itself through tax revenues from the
projects' income, vendors' profits and individual workers' wages.
Clean Edge News

6/23  <> EnerNOC Signs 110MW
Demand Response Agreement With Southern California Edison
EnerNOC, Inc., a leading developer and provider of clean and intelligent
energy solutions, recently announced that it has entered into a new demand
response agreement with Southern California Edison (SCE).
Clean Edge News

6/18  <> Iberdrola and
Gamesa Sign 4500 MW Wind Turbine Supply Contract
Iberdrola Renewables and Gamesa have signed the largest turbine supply
contract ever in the wind power industry representing a total capacity of 4,
500 megawatts (MW), for delivery between 2010 and 2012.
Clean Edge News

6/16  <> China's
Wind Power Industry: Blowing Past Expectations
At the end of 2007, China's installed base of wind power totaled just over 6
gigawatts (GW), making China the fifth largest producer of wind power, after
Germany, the U.S., Spain and India.
Clean Edge News

 <> <#comment>NASDAQ&reg; Clean Edge&reg;
U.S. Liquid Series Index


CELS top ten

quarterly holdings
● First Solar: 9.28%
● MEMC Electronic Materials: 8.07%
● Linear Technology: 7.94%
● Suntech Power Holdings: 5.34%
● ON Semiconductor: 5.13%
● Itron: 4.34%
● Energy Conversion Devices: 4.25%
● GrafTech International: 3.95%
● SunPower: 3.88%
● Ormat Technologies: 3.18%

quarterly gainers
● Energy Conversion Devices: 146.29%
● Capstone Turbine: 97.64%
● Canadian Solar: 92.30%
● IXYS Corp.: 74.82%
● GrafTech International: 65.52%
● ON Semiconductor: 61.44%
● EnerNOC: 57.46%
● American Superconductor: 54.59%
● Solarfun Power Holdings: 45.11%
● LDK Solar: 40.30%

quarterly losers
● Medis Technologies: -62.73%
● Pacific Ethanol: -58.86%
● Nova Biosource Fuels: -55.63%
● Verenium: -45.17%
● VeraSun Energy: -43.81%
● Power-One: -41.12%
● Hoku Scientific: -38.18%
● Ascent Solar Technologies: -37.31%
● Altair Nanotechnologies: -35.61%
● Akeena Solar: -26.92%

 <> <#comment>World Biofuels Markets

 <> <#comment>World Biofuels Markets
<#comment>First Trust NASDAQ(r) Clean Edge(r) U.S. Liquid Series Index Fund

QWND top ten

quarterly holdings
● Iberdrola Renovables: 11.17%
● Nordex: 10.01%
● Vestas Wind Systems: 9.69%
● Gamesa Corp Tecnologica: 9.52%
● Hansen Transmissions International: 5.00%
● China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group: 4.70%
● EDF Energies Nouvelles: 4.19%
● Clipper Windpower: 4.17%
● Greentech Energy Systems: 3.96%
● Theolia: 3.93%

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