Cross-Currents in Recent Video Installation: Water as Metaphor for Identity

June17, 2008 - September 7, 2008
Cross-Currents presents recent video installations by five international
artists with ties to Africa: Zwelethu Mthethwa, Ingrid Mwangi (with Robert
Hutter), Moataz Nasr and Berni Searle. The artworks are large-scale with two
of the works being projected on three screens measuring as large as 40 feet
wide by 9 feet tall. Challenging and thought-provoking, each work on display
uses water as a symbol for many concepts including family, identity,
violence and spiritual transformation. The flow of water creates passages,
but also erodes. Water is in a perpetual state of change and refuses
containment. This description of water can be compared to the blending and
dissolving of categories of race, identity, cultural heritage and a coherent
family structure. Organized by Tufts University Art Gallery, Aidekman Arts
Center. This exhibition is made possible locally by the Talking Phone Book
<>  with
additional support from the Sidney Knight Endowment.





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