Biomethane Turns Waste into Clean Energy for B.C.
Canada NewsWire Group, Canada, July 22, 2008.

"BRITISH COLUMBIA, July 22 /CNW/ - A new study released today reveals
clean energy from waste material is closer to becoming a commercial
reality in British Columbia, announced Technology, Trade and Economic
Development Minister Ida Chong.

The study led by the British Columbia Innovation Council (BCIC) further
investigates the commercial viability of refining biogas from organic
waste materials into biomethane - a renewable natural gas that can be
sold in existing gas markets. A successful practice in Europe and the
United States, biomethane production provides an opportunity for B.C. to
develop and market a renewable energy alternative to natural gas at a
price that competes with fossil fuels.

This study uncovers great potential in B.C. to use organic waste
resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and further British
Columbia's clean technology sector and low-carbon economy. Findings from
an earlier study released in November 2007 revealed organic waste
material found in the Fraser Valley could produce an estimated 120
million cubic meters of biomethane per year, an amount equivalent to the
diesel consumed by 80,000 cars or 100 million litres.

To download a copy of the study, titled "Feasibility Study: Biogas
Upgrading and Grid Injection in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia",

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