I think you will find this to be a very interesting online toy to play with.
I have placed a link to it on our
<>  Website.


Jay, AA4FL


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Radio gets more and more amazing!


Check out the article on the ARRL web page about WebSDR (softwaredefined 

radio on the web).   There's a link to a SDR on a page at a Dutch 

University web site  < >.  You can 

listen to the radio on 80, 40 and 20 m.  You select what frequency, mode 

bandpass filter, etc.  I just listened to someone speaking French on 

3618 LSB.  It should be possible to listen for MY signal to hear what it 

sounds like in Holland!


It's fun to play with and could be useful, especially for checking on 

your Xmit performance (compression) or figuring out why the European 

station doesn't seem to hear you.  You might be able to hear the other 

US QRM that is blocking you!


Thanks to Bill, WB2AIV of the Western New York DX Association for this 




Bruce KM2L

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