Hello Listers,


I am looking for ideas for a 50-minute workshop that I would like to put
together regarding the cultural differences of the classroom for those
coming from outside the US (particularly east and southern Asia).  The
issues that foreign students face are language barriers, negotiating the
classroom environment (participation, when and how to speak up, how to
address the professor, how to address peers, etc.), and doing collaborative
work with peers (as this last issue is particularly relevant in our school
of business where there is a lot of group work).


What I want to do is a brief, simple, but meaningful workshop that addresses
these issues.  I envision an activity or two that immerses the participants
in something related to the issues.  From the activity, I can prepare a list
of key principles that participants should know about US college and
university classroom culture.  From that list, I would like to prepare (or
have participants think about) ways in which they can use/put into practice
these principles that will help them find their best fit in the classroom
environment give their cultural background.


That's as far as I have gone.  I have the skeleton, but where I am stuck is
the meat.  Do you all know of curriculum or a grab bag of activities that
addresses these issues?  While I am a learning resource person, this one has
me stumped.  Our International Student Office does hold an orientation
before the school year begins that is specifically geared for this
population.  But the folks in that office are buried up to here with
government regulation and Homeland Security stuff.  I have approached them,
trying to get a handle on the issues, and hopefully I will be able to offer
a relevant service.


Thank you all so much,


John Cleveland


John P. Cleveland, M.T.S., M.A.

Director, Tutoring Center

Center for Academic Excellence

& Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Pace University 

41 Park Row, Room 204

New York, NY  10038 


212-346-1520 (fax)

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