I am in the second week of teaching in our Summer Bridge program.  We  work 
with students going into the 11th and 12th grade of HS.  Our goal is  to get 
them "college ready" so we treat them as college students.  They  have reading 
and writing lectures, and then labs (using online  programs/software) to 
continue using the skills they learned in  class.  The lab also provides some 
assessment as they take a  diagnostic test and then take it again at the end of the 
course.  We meet  from 8-noon M-TH for 4 weeks.  Our goal at the end of the 
program is for  them to pass Accuplacer so they can go straight into A level 
courses when they  go to college.  I am sure you could also take students that 
had just  graduated HS, but our grant is specifically for the 11th and 12th 
grade students  and the scores they made on the state based test (TAKS for Texas). 
  Basically, we ask the surrounding ISDs for TAKS scores and the students 
that  meet the range are asked to come to a meeting with their parents about the  
program.  We send letters, visit the high schools, etc.
This is ou second year, and the grant changed A LOT from last year.   We had 
$80,000 to work with between two campuses.  That had to include  teacher 
salaries, materials, etc.  In order for us to meet the requirements  of the grant, 
we had to have 50 students present on resporting day.  So  far, so good...but 
I am exhausted!  ; )
Nicole Perkins
Blinn Faculty- Parallel Studies  Instructor
Texas A&M Class of '01
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I can do everything  through him who gives me strength.
-Philippians  4:13

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