Hi everybody,


A group of us went to the Myakka River State Park today, and came up with
some nice sightings. Our first stop at the bridge yielded several species
overhead. The swallows were non-stop today - not in large numbers at a time,
just continual. We i.d.'d Barn, Cliff and Bank Swallows, along with a Purple
Martin and Chimney Swifts. We had a lovely stream of ten Roseate Spoonbills
flying in one direction, with a little group of Eastern Kingbirds going in
the other direction at the same time. The dam area was too flooded to get
to, but while out on the boardwalk we saw a Purple Gallinule. A Caspian Tern
was loitering overhead as well. A Barred Owl was spotted on the drive to the
rear picnic area, and while there, we heard a Northern Waterthrush a few
different times, but failed to pick the bird up visually. Mixed flocks
included White-eyed Vireos, Yellow-throated Warblers, and No. Parulas. We
saw a few other warblers flying overhead, but at too fast a speed to get in
the bins soon enough for an i.d.. Total species for the day numbered 66.


Susan Daughtrey

Englewood, Charlotte County, FL

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