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Hi everybody,

My collaborators and I have just posted a paper on communities in Facebook 
networks (and how to compare different 'instances' of the same type of 
network) on which we are hoping to get some comments:

In particular, especially after lots of the discussions we have seen on 
this mailing list, we are hoping that the experts can let us know if we 
missed any obvious social science references that we should have cited. 
(We're very much amateurs on that aspect of things, so this will be much 

Any other comments would also be greatly appreciated (notice the subtle 
hint?).  We will have chances to incorporate them once the referees 
start yelling at us.

(Finally, a tremendous thanks to those of you on this list who have 
already been immensely helpful to us in the earlier drafts that we didn't 
make public!)


  Mason A. Porter
  University Lecturer (and Tutorial Fellow, Somerville College)
  Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

  Homepage:, IM: tepid451
  "Patriotism is supporting your country all of the time, and your
   government when it deserves it."
 					--- Mark Twain

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