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If you're tired of importing and exporting data between programs to
visualize networks, you might be interested in this Excel 2007 Add-In I
found. I also tweaked the template a bit to work with matrices, not just
eternally long edge lists.


Copied from:


NetMapGraph for dummies: Plotting network diagrams with Excel 


As mentioned in my last post
-excel.html> , the Microsoft development team finally came up with an add-in
to draw pretty network maps. The unfortunate thing for most network
researchers is that we are used to dealing with data in matrix form, not
miles upon miles of edge lists. As promised, here
<>  is a copy
of the template for use with matrices. It handles up to 100 x 100 matrices
and only plots as many as you enter. I also added a switch to control
whether to draw self referencing edges. These are irrelevant to most social
network researchers, but highly relevant to input-output economists who keep
track of how much regions trade internally and with specific partners.


To get this file running:

.         Download and install the .NetMap
<>  Add-in for
Excel 2007. 

.         (Re-)Start Excel and open the file
<> . 

.         Copy and paste yer data into the Matrix tab. 

.         Switch the "Include self-relationships" option to whatever your
research needs (Go ahead. No one's looking). 

.         Click the Add-Ins tab in Excel's menu bar, and select Show/Hide

.         Click Read Workbook and wait a minute (100 x 100 ain't that small)

.         Just to be sure, select the "Lay Out Again" button.

.         Click on the background of the graph to not have everything
highlighted in red.


Disclaimer: There may be bugs/glitches/typos in this file. It currently
contains bogus data for demonstration purposes. Use at your own risk.


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