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Hi all,


I'm a prize fellow in philosophy at All Souls College Oxford, where I
recently finished my D.Phil on the philosophy of perception. 


I've just launched a website,, which does two things:


-          It displays academics around the world in a 'tree' format,
according to what university/department they are affiliated with. 

-          It enables an academic to have an easy-to-maintain academic
webpage. My webpage on is here: 


My hope for the site is that it will list every academic - Faculty members,
Post-Docs, and Graduate Students - in the world, and display where they are
working. I also hope people will use the site to keep track of what people
in their field are working on. 


I'm trying to spread the word about, so, if you have a
minute, please visit the site, and add yourself to your department. If your
department/university is not there, you can add it/them by clicking on the
arrows coming out of the department/university boxes. 


And do spread the word to your friends and colleagues if you can. 


Many thanks,




Dr. Richard Price,

Prize Fellow,

All Souls College, 



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