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Hey all-


I am teaching Watts' Six Degrees book and I would really like to be able
to show the students graphs (visualizations) of some of the ideas he
presents.  These are first year liberal arts students.  So, I want them to
understand the idea of models and how a changing parameter can affect the
model.  For example, Watts describes their alpha model and how the
likelihood of new ties as a function of number of mutual ties can generate
all kinds of models.


In my dreams, I fire up a computer, load some sort of app, and presto!
They can see different types of networks (and also get some descriptive
stats or measurements) based on changing some initial parameters.  I know
the socnet community has lots of software people have developed, but my
need is more pedagogical- simple, visual, and dynamic.  Maybe what I need
is a "live" simulation that changes visually according to those initial


This little demo is close:
And it is very nice.  But the meanings of the parameters' values are a bit
opaque (to me at least).  And I can't regraph the network out of a circle.


Any thoughts?


Is there some lovely network simulator and graphing package out there that
I am missing?


Thanks (I'll repost compile replies for collective wisdom).




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