It is a great day, rain or shine, when I can get a
life bird and 2 FL life birds in one fell swoop!  The
Golden was there, thank you Dexter, and the 2
Buff-bellied Sandpipers as well.  I tried to make a
couple of Least Sandpipers into Dunlins but the "black
bellies" I was seeing was wet bellies and shadows.  I
REALLY need a scope!  

When I first arrived I found one of the ball fields
chock full of Black-bellied Plovers and I was pretty
sure (but I certainly could be wrong)there was a
Golden mixed in with that group.  My conclusion was
based on 2 things: the smallness of one of the birds
and, no black under the wing.  For some reason the
plovers were taking turns jumping up and flashing the
underside of their wings.  As I was working on the
group, in flew a Merlin, not really chading the birds
but landed a little way from them.  It was enough to
send the whole flock SE of the fields.  I searched and
searched for the flock but could not find them.

There were a lot of Barn Swallows and I found 2 Cliff
Swallows but Dexter said he could not find them.  So,
it is my observation without confirmation.  I did
witness the Merlin take out one of the Barn Swallows
while I was doing my search.

I went around to the north side of the fields off
Harmony Road and watched a Sharp-shinned Hawk come in
and go towards a flock of starlings.  I couldn't tell
if if it got anything.

Besides what was going on at the ball park, I was
watching a Mockingbird sitting up on the wire in my
backyard when a small hawk flew in and grabbed it.  It
was too quick and some palm frons were slightly
obscuring my view to ID the hawk.

So, interesting day to say the least.  Thanks Michael.

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach

Meret S Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL
TBBS, Tomoka State Park


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