RE: Common Nighthawks and Eastern Kingbirds - to supplement Julie Cook's report from S. Jax, we recorded ca 250 Common Nighthawks and a steady flight of Eastern Kingbirds on the Cumberland Island side of the GA/FL border between mid morning and mid afternoon today. As is typical for CONI, the birds passed swiftly in large flocks of 50~100 birds but were lower in elevation than past years and were passing down the core of the island vs. out over the ocean. Conversely, the EAKI passed in flocks of 6 - 30 birds just over the treetops until crossing Cumberland Sound when they would sky up to >200 feet. In between these flights, a steady stream of Barn Swallows continues to dominate the migration. 

Prior to crossing over to Cumberland Island, we surveyed the Bell River Spoil Island just west of downtown Fernandina and recorded: (102) roosting Roseate Spoonbill (none banded) and >1000 mixed species shorebirds including (3) Whimbrel, (75) Willet, (107) Black-belly plover, (100's) Short-billed Dowitcher, 100's Semipalmated plovers, Rudy Turnstone, Least, Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers, and our FOS (2) juvenile Red Knots. Due to the weather-boosted spring tide, the roost site flooded and all shorebirds abandoned the spoil island for unknown sites in the region.

Amongst a large aggregation of shorebirds roosting on S. Cumberland were two White-rumped Sandpipers, but alas they don't qualify for Florida status. 

Doris and Pat Leary, Fernandina Beach, Nassau County, FL

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