Can anyone tell me where I can find some additional copies of the following


Information and Records Management: Document-Based Information Systems, by
Mary F. Robek, CRM, Gerald F. Brown, CRM, and David O. Stephens, CRM, CMC;
in its fourth edition; Hard cover, English, 600 pages, 1995 ISBN ISBN


I'm teaching a class at UT Arlington this semester and some students can't
locate this textbook to use for the class.  My understanding is that this
textbook is no longer being published, but it covers the fundamentals very
well.  I know this audience is a great resource and many of you might know
of some nooks and crannies where this textbook can be found and hopefully
purchased.  Or if any of you have a copy and would be willing to sell it,
that would be appreciated.  


You will see it on Google Shopping, but though it lists a few places to
purchase, once you click in, most are sold out or on hold which I believe
means the same thing.




Tom Wilson, CRM

Arlington TX

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