If memory serves, the reason some may recommend or want an edition of the
Robek text older than the 1995 edition is that I believe it was the 1970s
edition is the last one to have a section on Correspondence Management and
there were questions on the CRM exam about that topic as recently as when I
took Parts 1 - 5 in November 2004.

I have that edition with the section on Correspondence Management and many
other as I actually collect old Records Management textbooks.  My oldest
right now was published in 1962 and contains nothing about electronic
records images or anything else.  It's fun to watch how thought has grown
and also what has remained the same over the years.

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Also it seems that people want a previous edition of the Robek texts,  
rather than a new one. If you look on the CRM bibliography, some of  
the recommended books are not current editions.

Nolene Sherman
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