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> Doug, may I suggest that you carefully re-read my message.  I did not
> ask the question because I did not know the answer.  I asked the
> question to obtain different points of views (in any) from the
> membership.

I did read the question several times. and in the past 30 years I've never
once seen anyone raise this question of vital records stopping disposition.
it just makes no sense. We have had numerous discussions on this list
concerning vital records, what they are, how to identify them and more.

But we don't even know what your viewpoint is concerning the question.

> The purpose was to spur debate among the membership, as
> clearly stated.

a debate about what? something that doesn't happen and in all likelihood
wouldn't happen?

> There is need for personal attacks or to belittle a
> participant's question or response.

I didn't see it as a personal attack. rather I saw it as asking why even
pose the question at all, since there is a large amount of literature
available concerning vital records. I've looked at some of my files and
can't find anything even remotely related to the question as asked.

>  I believe that the primary purpose
> of the list serve is to educate and share points of views.

and the listserv does  this magnificently

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