I agree with Laura that professional RIM practitioners, (CRM and those who choose not to seek that designation), should seek these companies out and send their credentials and get on their lists to be presenters. These companies are always looking for presenters  (the one I speak for is Lorman). It would of course add professionalism and industry standard to the presentations, and is a way to preach the RIM gospel to the masses. (And you make a few bucks in the process, which is never a bad thing.)

It was not my intention to denigrate these presentations, especially since I give them, but rather to soften some sharp remarks about them in an earlier post.

As to Peter's remarks about coordinating with ARMA -- the companies do not develop the agenda or presentation, the presenters do. Presenters develop all content,handouts, etc., and submit it to the company. Then the company arranges and promotes the seminar. So you see, you as an individual RIM professional control the message in the seminar, rounding back to my first point in this post.

Gary Link, CRM
Pittsburgh, PA

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This CRM did want to attend because her new boss knew very little about records management and the presented topics were not so terribly basic as you describe.  Yes, I knew most of it.  Sometimes people think they are CRM's and know enough and don't need to attend something like this.  Something expressed in new and unique ways from your experiences and perceptions can always aid you.

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