Hello everyone-

I'm a fairly recent MLIS grad who is starting her first real records
management position. My company is a sports media organization. I have a
big task ahead--to archive the basic info about the thousands of videos
and articles my company has produced. I would love recommendations about
appropriate software to do this.

Here are more details about what kind of software I need and what I'm
looking for:

-I'm looking to archive information about thousands of videos and
articles--but they would be searched and looked at separately. (So...two
different categories or divisions?) Basically, I want a program where I
can easily input details about each video and article

-I need up to 12 categories to describe each article or video

-My computer will likely be the only one that has the program on it, so
there has to be a way to back up on the server what I've archived

-This is a bit unreasonable I know, but it'd be nice if the software
didn't become obselete too soon  :)

-I use a dell, so it has to be pc compatible

Currently the company is using Excel to store this archived material. It
works, but is a bit messy and hard to use.

Thanks for your help!

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