Lynnette, if you have in mind naming conventions for physical records,
ARMA has several publications that address this issue very completely.
See which is the search engine
for the ARMA Bookstore. Angel Ramos was even more explicit in his reply.

If you're interested in naming conventions for electronic records, there
was a discussion of this topic on the listserv in early July (7/9-14)
with the subject heading "Question on Name Criteria for Electronic
Records". You'll find many suggestions and source materials in that
discussion thread, which should be in the listserv archives.

Best regards.

Frederic J. Grevin
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If you have any experience creating a naming convention system/method, 
would you please share your knowledge and trials, tribulations, 
challenges, etc. with me?



Lynnette S. Yohn
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
Records Management Specialist
Route # M495

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