Hi all,


A colleague and I are looking to plan something visible on campus for
National Tutor Appreciation Week, but even though I know it's coming up
soon, I can't find any information about it on the web.  The closest I have
come is National Tutoring Week, which is noted on the NTA web site but
nowhere else that I can find.  My recollection of the past is that at least
one of the other major national organizations (NCLCA? CRLA?) endorsed the
event under its former name.  Does anybody have any information on this
change?  Also, does anybody have plans for this event that they'd like to
share?  I could use some good ideas.






Michele Costabile Doney

Coordinator, Math and Science Tutoring

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

646-557-4595    [log in to unmask]


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