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Nearly one-quarter of students in community colleges leave school during the
first year of enrollment for reasons other than transfer or credential
completion. Generally, nontraditional community college students drop out
within their first year at higher rates than do traditional students. This
analysis identifies the characteristics of Achieving the Dream students who
enroll but do not earn any credits during the first term, and focuses on
their persistence to the second term. The analysis revealed a set of
characteristics having strong associations with earning zero credits during
the first term: Being male, black, between 20 and 24, needing developmental
education, or starting part-time, which was the strongest of these
relationships. If a student did not earn credits, another set of
characteristics was related to a greater likelihood of not persisting to the
second term. The strongest relationships were being Native American, male,
over 20 years old, attending part-time, or being enrolled in a terminal
program. These results do not explain why students leave college, but they
do help identify populations more likely to leave college early.


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