This email announces the winners in the NCLCA/LSCHE Learning Center  Website Awards Program for 2008 and extends the congratulations of NCLCA and LSCHE to the institutions  for supporting the learning centers that won the awards. 

1st Place: Clayton State University-Center for Academic Success
2nd Place: University of Alabama/Huntsville-Academic Resource Center
3rd Place: University of Louisville-Resources for Academic Achievement
3rd Place: El Paso CC/Valle Verde-Academic Resource Tutorial Services
Honorable Mention: Pasadena City College-Learning Assistance Center
Honorable Mention: Mt San Antonio College-Learning Assistance Center

The announcement and presentation of the award plaques and certificates will occur at the NCLCA Annual Conference in Memphis on Thursday, October 2nd at the NCLCA Awards Banquet. If a delegate from one of the award winning sites is not at the conference, the plaques and certificates will be mailed from NCLCA to the center's administrator.

In addition, a NCLCA/LSCHE award logo marking the award will be sent to the website manager from Dr. Rick Sheets, the LSCHE webmaster, for display on the learning center's home page.

After the conference, a separate email will be sent containing comments from the judges to the program administrator for all websites that were entered in the 2008 Awards Program.

Look on LSCHE soon for information on the 2009 awards program.                  Collegially..........
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