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We are looking at possibly reorganizing our procedures in terms of the
delivery of test accommodations and assistance with assistive technology
support for our students with disabilities.  Specifically, we are
attempting to define who "owns" the responsibility for providing the
tests (proctoring, reading, scribe, etc) and services that go along with
assistive and adaptive technology (i.e. scanning textbooks, DVR's,
Dragon Naturally Speaking, etc.).  At this point the Learning Center at
our college has been providing the bulk of the services for students
with disabilities.


I would like to know what other colleges do in terms of their role and
responsibilities in regards to the office for students with disabilities
(i.e. does the Learning Center proctor exams, assist with technology,
etc., provide readers for tests, etc) or does another department provide
those services.  There is a lot more involved in this question which is
specific to our college, but I would just like an overview of other
learning center practices in regards to this issue.


Any information you could share would help with our organization...






Angela Nadeau, M.A., LCPC

Learning Center Coordinator

York County Community College

112 College Drive

Wells, Maine 04090

(207) 646-9282 ext. 274

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